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Welcome to Natural Wonders - Celebrating Natural Hair!

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This is where "Celebrating Natural Hair" is NOT an oxymoron. Learn how to embrace that which is natural for you. Begin to define beauty for yourself and celebrate with those already on the journey.

Why Natural Hair?

We have rarely been encouraged to wear our natural hair. We have been encouraged to think that there was something wrong with our hair and that we needed to "fix" it. This has created a huge deficit in the self esteem of African American women and finally we're realizing the need to define beauty for ourselves. To celebrate our natural features and develop a love of ourselves.

Join The Celebration

I have been a natural hair care professional for over 35 years and have dedicated my career to educating others on the benefits of wearing natural hair.  I'm a licensed Cosmetologist, however, I choose to provide the healthy benefits of natural hair to my clients.

I wear my own hair in Sisterlocks™ and have since 1999.  I am the Training Supervisor and a Master Trainer for Sisterlocks™ and enjoy teaching the technique.  I invite your questions and comments. 

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Hot off the Presses, "The Guide To Success For Sisterlocks Consultatns" By Michelle Laron Bryant, Sisterlocks Master Trainer


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