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Health is Wealth

How it all started

When I wanted to improve my health I started looking at what I was eating. What I discovered is that it was good to me, but it wasn't necessarily good for me. A hand full of people around me, ok, there was really only one, was into eating healthy and practicing healthy lifestyle choices. I didn't want to be drastic, so I set a simple goal: to have at least 3 fruits and vegetables per day. Some days that meant, an apple, orange and a banana. I was not at all into vegetables. Fast forward 8 years and I just ordered a dehydrator! My gift to me. Stay tuned for recipes, tips and some goofy mistakes I made trying to go natural. Here's to your health!!!

If the goal is optimal health then a large part of the focus must be on nutrition. With fast food on every corner, mid-block and delivered too, temptation can literally knock on your door at any given hour of the day. They say if you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit. I stayed away from sugar and fried foods. I eventually eliminated fish, too. I still struggle with that but it's not something I even have on a weekly basis, I don't worry about it. There's always going to be some element of our diets that may be considered "unhealthy." In my opinion, an occasional piece of fish, glass of wine of slice of cake does not mean that making the best nutritional choices and obtaining optional health is not the goal. So, for someone trying to go healthy, if you fall down just get back up, again. Just don't eat the whole cake :-) For me, weekends were the most difficult. That is, until I learned that being prepared is a MUST! I can not afford to let Saturday afternoon roll around and not have my meal prepped or at least, know what I want.