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Books by Michelle Laron Bryant: The Guide to Success For Sisterlocks™ Consultants and Celebrating Natural Hair for Braids, Twists, Locks and Sisterlocks

The Guide to Success for Sisterlocks Consultants - A must read for Sisterlocks™ Consultants


Michelle Laron Bryant, Sisterlocks™ Master Trainer/National Training Supervisor, has penned a comprehensive road map to take your Sisterlocks business to the next level. Tips for business building and management as well as very candid accounts of her own personal experiences make this book a great addition to a Consultant's library.

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"The Guide to Success for Sisterlocks Consultants"

Also by Michelle, "Celebrating Natural Hair". Check out Fresh Hair Products"

Celebrating Natural Hair for Braids, Twists, Locks and Sisterlocks™

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Finally, a book written to encourage and support those who are considering wearing their natural hair in a society that hasn't always encouraged that decision.

Subjects include why and how you can go natural with an emphasis on information that will help you make an informed decision. Other topics include some of the challenges that you may face and solutions to overcome them. Some concerns are, what about my job, my man and my family?

Michelle Laron Bryant is a staff writer for the Sisterlocks Lifestyle Journal Magazine and has compiled some very informative articles and narratives with thought provoking content designed to help readers consider some of the subliminal messages society sends to African American women that they need to "fix" their hair. "Pimped At The Product Counter" tackles the disproportionate amount of money African Americans spend on beauty products but have very little ownership of businesses in the industry. "The Lady, Her Lover and Her Locks," exposes how Black men and women have dealt with "her hair" and how we can re-educate ourselves and our men.

This book is a must have for anyone who wants how-to instruction on some transitional styles such as twists and straw sets and information on permanent styles such as traditional locks and Sisterlocks.™

Written in an easy to read style that grabs your attention and addresses every subject you could imagine related to this topic, "Celebrating Natural Hair," is a must read that contains serious, yet humorous and thought provoking content.

In the past this book was only available to students in the "Celebrating Natural Hair" class. Now, this power packed book is available for purchase. Be empowered, BUY THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON $9.99, "Celebrating Natural Hair"