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Natural Wonders Fresh Hair Products and Lock Sliders™



Discover Fresh Hair Mists. Developed specifically for braids, twists, locks and Sisterlocks. They are made with pure essential oils and available are in 5 fabulous formulas all designed to freshen and soothe:

Peppermint, Lavender Mists designed to freshen the scent of the hair and soothe the scalp. Available in 4 oz spray bottles and retail for $7.95

The Dry Scalp & Dandruff Formula is designed to soothe a dry, flaky, itchy scalp. Made of a blend of pure essential oils designed to bring balance both on and beneath the scalp. Available in a 4 oz spray bottle and retails for $9.95

NEW: Lav-n-Mint & Formula is the perfect blend of yin/yang. Combines the balance of uplifting Peppermint and soothing Lavender to address scalp discomfort and leave a subtle scent to the hair. Available in a 4 oz spray bottle and retails for $9.95

"Spring Mist" - a light, fresh fragrance and an essential oil formula designed to freshen and nourish the hair. Contains a blend of essential oils and a "citrusy" top note. 4oz $9.95

"Earth" - This earthy scent is smooth with a "musk" scent. 4oz $9.95

All formulas will soothe the scalp and freshen the scent of the hair

Shake well before each use

Not to be taken internally

Avoid contact with eyes

These products do not claim to cure or treat any condition or disease

International Orders or for Sisterlocks Consultant Pricing, Distributor Pricing contact Michelle: ANaturalWonder@aol.com or call 909-276-5479

Check back often for specials!

Various Flavors
Peppermint or Lavender